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Carolyn Arnold <4carolyna@...>

Right now, I don't, but think I'll gover to Documents and see if I can remedy the intrusion, thanks.

Bye for now,


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Carolyn & Ed,

Do either one of you happen to have a sighted assistant within shouting distance when you get this message? I ask only because it's sometimes easier to determine what has actually caused it when the context can be seen, as the alerts often are placed near "the offending location" and sometimes have dropdown items you can access (such as the paste options in the case of paste - but I'd expect a screen reader would actually gain focus on this one).

I get exactly where you're coming from. It has taken me ages to adjust (and I still haven't to the extent that actual screen-reader users must) to the amount of auditory input one has to deal with in order to use a computer with a screen reader. It's enough to drive one mad at times, and anything extraneous that you know you can ignore and that you might be able to dispose of entirely is a prime candidate for turning off.

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