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Maria Kristic

I am using Office 2016, so sorry in advance if this doesn’t help. In Outlook 2016, you can’t TAB to the pane you describe, and instead, pressing F6 takes you there; hence, I am able to SHIFT+F6 from the Back/Forward/Weather area to get back to the calendar. Regarding Weather, you can add your current location and delete DC if you wish to make that useful to you. As you TAB past the Forward button, but before you reach the actual weather conditions for the current day, you land on an “Add, Change, Or Remove Locations” menu item. Press SPACE to activate it. Arrowing around in this menu is a bit inconsistent, as it is a grid, so you don’t always land on the same item. Therefore, I prefer to use the JAWS cursor when accessing the Locations menu. Activate JAWS cursor and click on “Add Location” option. A search field comes up; type your location, hit ENTER, use the UP and DOWN ARROWS to choose your location from the Search Results menu, and hit ENTER to add the location. To move between locations, activate the menu with SPACE, activate the JAWS cursor, and activate the choice for the location you want; activating the PC cursor and pressing TAB then takes you to the weather for that location. To delete a location from weather, choose the location as just described. Instead of tabbing to the weather, though, press SPACE to activate that Locations menu again, then keeping the PC cursor active, once the Locations menu is active, DOWN ARROW once until you get to the “Delete Location” image button, and hit ENTER on it.






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Our firm recently migrated to Office 2013, perhaps the worst iteration of Microsoft Office since it was first introduced.  Microsoft went out of its way to make things awkward, needlessly counterintuitive, and just plain obtuse.

Anyway, in the Outlook 2013 Calendar, If one is unfortunate enough to tab past the last appointment of the day, one lands on something called “Back.”  If one tabs more, one can come to “Forward.”  Hitting ENTER on these useless prompts does nothing.  If I continue to tab, I come to the weather forecast for Washington, D.C.  Since I’m in Kansas City, I find that information less than helpful.

ESCAPE does nothing.  I need to exit the calendar entirely to exit Back/Forward Hell.

Has someone discovered a solution?




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