Re: settings screen in windows 10

Soronel Haetir

Yeah, I experience the same thing you describe, I would suggest you
change file associations by using explorer instead.

Find the file you want to change the association for, bring up the
context menu and then go down to "Open with" then select "Choose
another app".

In the dialog that comes up you can select a program that has already
been used to open that file type and check the "Always use this app to
open xxx"

Or you can select use another app and on that list you can select from
the full list of applications or browse for an executable not on the
list, and again there is a checkbox to always use the select app.

On 10/6/16, André van Deventer <> wrote:
Hi all

I just installed Windows 10 today on a new computer and I must say I find
the experience quite pleasant.

I have one problem though.

I need to change the file associations. I can get to the right screen but
it is impossible to work on it. The computer becomes sluggish for a few
seconds and if you tab or shift tab on that screen nothing happens.
PC to Jaws simply gives you a blank screen.

This is with Jaws 17.

Any suggestions?


Soronel Haetir

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