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Try windows key a.


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Sent: Thursday, October 6, 2016 8:32 AM
Subject: How to take action on a notification?



Until recently, I was using the original Windows 10 and the latest JAWS 17. I had no third party antivirus program.
The text of Notification messages were never announced, though I frequently heard alert tunes.


Earlier, Mcafee antivirus and anti spyware, installed itself. I uninstalled it so it disappeared from the “Add Remove” list.


A few days ago, trying to shut down, the computer would not power off because it was doing an update.  The update took a couple of hours and the PC restarted a few times. This was probably the anniversary edition of Windows 10 installing itself.


I then installed JAWS 18 beta 2.


Now, every time I boot I hear this notification:

Notification from security and maintenance.

We’ve turned on Windows Defender. Your version of Mcafee antivirus is incompatible with this version of Windows.

Do you want to continue using Windows Defender or update Mcafee antivirus?



I assume that last word "action" requires me to take action.
I cannot get to that notification message, to find out how to take action.


The system tray has

    System Status: protected button

The Control Center shows that both firewall and virus protection are checked.


  It seems that when I boot, Windows 10 thinks that Defender is turned off. The notification mentions Mcafee, but it is not in the “Add Remove” list.


How do I answer the notification which seems to expect an action?




Peter T

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