Re: Need Further Advice On Dealing With Clickable Announcement When Reading On Line PDF Documents



           I just tried the Firefox instructions with NVDA and you can use the search box at the top of the applications list to search for PDF.  I then Tab into the list, which is a single line item for PDF which has a combo box that I can reach by hitting Tab one more time.  You then drop down the combo box and you should eventually find entries for your default PDF reader program on your system in its "(in Firefox)" plug-in format plus its default format, which causes the PDF to be downloaded then immediately opened in that program. 

           The interactions between IE and Adobe Reader (several of the recent versions) are, oddly enough, controlled more through the Accessibility Setup Assistant than IE itself.  In Adobe Reader DC you can open this via the Edit Menu, Accessibility Item, Setup Assistant submenu.  In going through the Setup Assistant right now, on the last page (5 of 5 for Reader DC) there is a checkbox for "Display PDF Documents in the Web Browser" which, in my case is unchecked.  Go through the setup assistant and see if it's checked for you and if unchecking it gets you the result you want.


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