Re: Need Further Advice On Dealing With Clickable Announcement When Reading On Line PDF Documents

Ann Byrne

With your cursor on the filename, use the applications key to get to "open with" and choose the program you want to use.

At 05:11 PM 10/5/2016, you wrote:
Hello, everyone.

I just worked with Sherry from Freedom Scientific regarding my problem with the constant clickable announcement when reading On line PDF documents.

We couldn't properly configure Adobe Acrobat Pro to avoid the clickable announcements, so she suggested that I install Adobe Reader DC, which I have done.

As instructed, I have gone into the accessibility settings and told Adobe Reader DC to not read downloaded PDF documents in my browser, but how do I get Internet Explorer and Firefox to recognize Adobe Reader DC as my preferred reader for Adobe PDF files?

Thanks for any help!

Dr. Tom Behler from Michigan

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