Re: Web Site Access Issue With Firefox 49



          Starting with add-ons disabled is a diagnostic step.  It only applies for that restart of Firefox and when you restart it again it goes back to normal.

          It's much easier to use the "Restart with add-ons disabled" step to see if anything changes when no add-ons are involved.  If that fixes the problem, then you restart Firefox again (without using the help menu to do it), go to the add-ons manager - extensions tab (most likely, start there first), then disable your add-ons one at a time, reloading the page that's failing after each one is disabled.  Eventually it will load correctly and you have likely found your culprit in the last add-on that you disabled, though to be sure you should begin turning on the add-ons prior to the one you hit one-by-one to see if any interaction is involved.  It's a tedious process.


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