Re: Google Docs & Moodle


On Wed, Oct 5, 2016 at 10:52 am, Marianne Denning wrote:
Yes, both work with JAWS but they can still be inaccessible depending on how they are used.


           Could you please give a couple of specific examples of what you mean by "can still be inaccessible depending on how they're used."  I don't recall ever having an accessibility issue with Moodle.  There were issues with accessibility for a raft of old image scanned PDF documents that professors were distributing via Moodle, but that was a different issue altogether.  It could be that I never needed to "wander into" given areas of Moodle over the several years I worked intermittently with the client I'd mentioned, but I know we covered a lot of Moodle territory.

            I haven't played enough with Google Docs using a screen reader to comment about its deeper recesses.


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