Re: How to Access "sub links"?

Mcginnis, Barbara

I believe the keystroke is Control Insert Enter.


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Subject: Re: How to Access "sub links"?


Hi Barbara and Brian!


Barbara, to your question, well JAWS does not announce “on mouse over, when I am on the link.  However, it sure acts like that kind of a link.  Brian, at least for this specific situation I cannot provide a link to this webpage because it is on a page under my logged-in account.


Suppose it is a “on mouse over” link.  How in JAWS do you interact with it?





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Subject: Re: How to Access "sub links"?


Is the sublink a mouse over?


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Subject: Re: How to Access "sub links"?



            Can you supply an example webpage, or couple of example webpages, with the object you're describing and identify it?

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