Re: How to expand a combo box with JAWS 17.

Mike Ulrich <mulrich@...>

Tom, I bank online with 5/3 Bank. There online banking is atrociously not
quite that accessible. I've communicated with their Online Banking 3rd party
company's I T guys; to no avail!
They proclaimed to have a computer running with JAWS, and to them, there
were no problems.
I explained exactly what problems I was encountering. But they didn't quite
understand JAWS lingo! They sent me a word doc on how to make payment
adjustments on one of my auto pay payments. The doc they sent me was
laughable at best.

I've just about given up on 5/3 Bank. I'm looking into switching my accounts
over to Wells Fargo; of which the general consensus of Florida Council of
the Blind members; give it a big time thumbs up for its accessibility!

Why is it so hard to keep up with today's websites and internet browsers; as
it relates to today's screen reader programs!
Hogwash indeed!

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I use a bank site where the only way to expand the combo box is to tab to
it. They were under the impression that this was the way we still use jaws.
They haven't updated their expertise since 2001 I think.

Tom Bisset
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Subject: How to expand a combo box with JAWS 17.

Hello! I went to the Consumers Energy site to pay my electric bill. There
is a combo box where you select the date for the payment to be made, and it
is collapsed. I have tried to hit Alt down arrow to expand the combo box so
that I can select the date, but this does not seem to work. I tried using
Mozilla and Internet Explorer, but no success. The only way I can expand
the combo box is to have a sighted person click on it and select the date
for me, and that is not always convenient. Is there another way to expand a
collapsed combo box? Any help will be appreciated.

Liz Ulrich
LD ?
and LD Sammie now at the rainbow bridge

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