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How about an iPod touch?

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Hi, I would use it for a recorder, address book, and caculator,
over all, it is and would be used to take notes, record minutes, and not having to log around my lap top
rather hand held, not to large
hope I am making myself clear

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What do you mainly use the device for?

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ok, I know this product is very old, but was and still is handy for me.
I have "The Parrot-voice mate"
and I have been authorized to pick and choose something to replace this and
not have to payf or
I am not all that familiar with other tech. items that helps record,
address...or similar things as the voice mate
I was asked to research for something I can use, so does anyone have any
I have heard of victor stream..., plex talk, booksensext,
any assistance would be appreciated, to help me out choose something.

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