Re: Webvisum: Signed Version for Newer Firefox Releases

anil adivishnu

i also have 0.9.5 thanks

On 10/3/16, Bill White <> wrote:
Hi, Mario. I downloaded and installed Webvisum0.9.5 because I felt that,
being a newer version, it might work better with the latest Firefox
versions. I have had no trouble with Webvisum0.9.5.
Bill White
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Brian, I asked Gerald and since no one else offered their
suggestions/comments, I'd like to get your opinion too...
when I got wind of the signed version from James Scholes, I downloaded
and installed it. and I noted the version as 0.9.2 without an issue.

do you think I should get the newer version and install it? I'm thinking
the 0.9.5 versions would have additional improvements, although the
0.9.2 I have installed already isn't causing any problems. I mainly use
WV to solve those pesky CAPTCHAs that some websites still use, and
haven't tinkered with the other functions WV offers.

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Some additional information that's come to light over the last 24-hours:


If you do not already have a Webvisum account, which is free, you must
request an invitation to get one either here:, or by asking someone you
know who already has an account to log in and generate an invitation for
you. The latter technique will probably get you a faster response.

The WebVisum invitation request is a 3-field form asking for your name,
e-mail address, and that you enter a comment of some sort in the third

After getting the invitation you register here:

Apparently, the developers of Webvisum finally decided to release a
digitally signed version of this add-on and updated the version number
to 0.9.5. You can get it here:

yet it does not turn up in an add-ons search on “WebVisum” (regardless
of whether you mix case or not).

A programmer named James Scholes made a version of the Webvisum Firefox
add-on that is digitally signed so that newer versions of Firefox can
install it that’s based on the version 0.9.2.

See the article entitled, */Webvisum CAPTCHA Solver Returns to Firefox
<>/*, on for full details.

The direct download link for his XPI install file


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