Re: Problems with firefox

anil adivishnu

hello when it says down load faled plees press control j to display
the list of downloads in that you could find the file your trying to
download after you find it press shift f10 and arrow through the
options when jaws says re try press enter now your file will bee
downloading thanks if my answer helps plees send a thumbs up

On 10/3/16, Jason White via <> wrote:
marvin kotler <> wrote:
Good afternoon list, first using jaws 17, windows vista and I believe
firefox 49. I have the problem when I try to download something like a
or some such, firefox says it failed and some of the time downloads it

I suggest searching the Web with your preferred search engine for the exact
error message that you receive. This may enable you to find information
can help. It's always a good strategy whenever you read an error message
doesn't have an obvious cause.

Also, Ctrl+J should display a window that shows the files which have been
downloaded and the status of current downloads.

I've been running Firefox extensively but without encountering the problem
describe. (The machines in question were running Windows 7 and, more
Windows 10.)

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