Re: Webvisum: Signed Version for Newer Firefox Releases

anil adivishnu

just now i created my web visum account the invitation is an easy
process after filling the form you will get an email in that they
ask you to tell how you use the webvisum after you fill what you want
to tell and re sen the email they will give you an invitation also
they give you the link to follow the process after that you oare now
can access the webvisum account any one having problem creating
webvisum account plees contact through my email aemail feell free to contact @ any time thanks

On 10/3/16, Brian Vogel <> wrote:
Some additional information that's come to light over the last 24-hours:


If you do not already have a Webvisum account, which is free, you must
request an invitation to get one either
here: ( ) , or by asking someone you
know who already has an account to log in and generate an invitation for
you.  The latter technique will probably get you a faster response.

The WebVisum invitation request is a 3-field form asking for your name,
e-mail address, and that you enter a comment of some sort in the third

After getting the invitation you register here:

   ( )

Apparently, the developers of Webvisum finally decided to release a
digitally signed version of this add-on and updated the version number to
0.9.5.  You can get it here:

  ( )

yet it does not turn up in an add-ons search on “WebVisum” (regardless of
whether you mix case or not).

A programmer named James Scholes made a version of the Webvisum Firefox
add-on that is digitally signed so that newer versions of Firefox can
install it that’s based on the version 0.9.2.

See the article entitled, *Webvisum CAPTCHA Solver Returns to Firefox ( )* , on
for full details.

The direct download link for his XPI install file
is: ( )


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