Re: Assistance required for navigating through Hotmail/ Outlook email account online


Hi Sameer,


It sounds like your account was upgraded to the "new experience" and unfortunately that interface at this point is very inaccessible with Jaws. All accounts are being switched to this new look and there is nothing you can do about it. I recently spoke to somebody at Microsoft Accessibility and they said that apparently Microsoft is working on improving this. I think it's just unfortunate that they release something like this without making sure it's accessible first. On the one hand Microsoft and other big companies do seem to do thing sfor accessibility, but on the other hand they then pull stunts like that. I am also quite frustrated with this because while I use Outlook for the most part, it is sometimes handy if you can go on the website and before it was perfectly fine to do this and to navigate your emails in the Inbox and also in other folders, now after this upgrade the website with Jaws is sluggish and very inaccessible. I wonder if Jaws is working on this with Microsoft to hopefull restore accessibility to the online interface. I have not tried it with my iPhone to see if the mobile version with Safari works any better.






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Sent: Saturday, October 01, 2016 11:23 AM
Subject: Assistance required for navigating through Hotmail/ Outlook email account online



Dear List Members,


I have been unable to navigate through the various mail folders in my Hotmail/ Outlook email account online for the past couple of weeks. When I open the account online, JAWS says entering application window & the standard navigation commands stop working. Kindly suggest any tips/ work arounds for navigating through the email account online.


Alternatively, is there a mobile or light version of Hotmail/ Outlook email which I can use to check emails online?


I am using JAWS version 17 on a Windows 7 computer.


Thanking you all in advance for any & all assistance.



Mr. Sameer Latey
Mumbai, India

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