Re: How to expand a combo box with JAWS 17.


another suggestion is to simply press the right arrow key. although it
may very well not work, just give it a try, you never know.

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I have a couple of suggestions not yet mentioned.

I assume that you have the virtual cursor turned on.

hit the space bar first before using alt plus down arrow.


route the JAWS cursor to the virtual cursor and then try left clicking
the mouse.

If you manage to uncollapse the combo-box, then use the alt plus down arrow.

As a last resort, turn off the virtual cursor and try to get to the
combo-box either by tabbing or using the JAWS cursor. Then try left

Peter T

On 2016-10-01 5:21 AM, Lizand Sammie wrote:
Hello! I went to the Consumers Energy site to pay my electric bill. There
is a combo box where you select the date for the payment to be made, and it
is collapsed. I have tried to hit Alt down arrow to expand the combo box so
that I can select the date, but this does not seem to work. I tried using
Mozilla and Internet Explorer, but no success. The only way I can expand
the combo box is to have a sighted person click on it and select the date
for me, and that is not always convenient. Is there another way to expand a
collapsed combo box? Any help will be appreciated.

Liz Ulrich
LD ?
and LD Sammie now at the rainbow bridge

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