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paul lemm

Hi Mike,


I actually posted the details here yesterday, not sure if you’ve already seen that post, if you haven’t I’ve copied  it and posted it below , that will give you all the instructions you need to set it up


Hi Everyone,


It was actually one of the members from this list called Kimsan who helped me set up conversation view originally.


The instructions he wrote were well explained, clear and easy to follow, since they were so helpful I saved them for if I ever needed them again, so below are the instructions that Kimsam wrote for me to set up conversation view for those that are interested:


First make sure you are in the folder you would like to make the change.


After you are in the folder alt v for the view ribbon and tab to view settings and space bar.

Next tab to “description group by” and press enter or spacebar.

There will be a choice that says automatically group according to arangement and by default is checked, uncheck it.

Press your tab key and you will be in a combo box, expand it with alt down arrow Press C until you hear "conversation" of course without the quotes.

Tabbing one more time, you will have two radio buttons, make sure it's on the first radio button, ascending.

Tab to the combo box where it says "expand collapse defaults" 

 and if it says last viewd, up arrow and place it on all collapse.

We are finished here, so now tab to the ok button and press spacebar.

Now tab to the sort button and press spacebar.  The first thing you should land on is "sort items by" 

Press S until you get subject, then set that to asending. then tab to the next field set this to received and then asending. then go ok, then ok once more and all done


It may seem like a lot of instructions, but it really doesn’t take a moment to get it all set up and in my opinion worth every second of setting it up to get conversation view working well. Again huge thanks to Kimsan for putting the instructions together in the first place.






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Yes I would like these instructions please.


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I use conversation view all the time in outlook 2010, I find it really helpful especially as I belong to a few groups like this so it’s nice to have all my emails grouped together


There are a few settings you need to tweak to get it to work exactly how  you want, currently  mine is set up  so in outlook  for example your message appears like below in outlook for me.


Conversation: jaws and conversation view , 5 items, 2 unread,


Then I just click right arrow to expand the conversation  and use up and down to scroll through the messages in this list .  if that’s what you’re trying to do let me know and I’ll send you instructions  on how to do this.

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Subject: JAWS and Outlook2010 -conversation view


Hi everyone,



Just wondering if anyone has had any luck at using JAWS with Outlook using the conversation view.


I am trying to compare it with the native iOS 10 app where IOS will advise how many emails are in the conversation and then will only stay within the borders of that conversation.


Seems like when I turn this option on in Outlook, it does seem to advise me that there is more than one email, but not a total number is spoken.  When I open this conversation and arrow down, then it just moves right out of this list and JAWS does not give me any indication that this was done.


Any help or input on this subject would be appreciated.  I looked around the web on this but did not find any info at all.




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