"Word in context not Found"

Ann Byrne

Running windows 7, JAWS 12, Word 2010, when I press alt-e then f to find text within a document, JAWS reports that the text is blank even though it isn't. If I use control-f for find, JAWS reports the previous find instead of the current one automatically, but pressing insert-c reads the current find. I had a message about screen resolution not being optimal, so I changed from 1336/something to 1920/something, which Windows said was recommended. At 1336/something JAWS read the first four or five finds with alt-e f but said "Word in context not found" for the subsequent 5 finds in the document.

FS tech support refused to suggest an optimal screen resolution, telling me that whatever works is the best. Nothing is quite right, though. any suggestions from you all would be appreciated.



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