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Here is what I have in my notes, but it is for ff. There may be more on this list’s web site.

Cheers Kevin.

stop jaws saying clickable in Fire Fox.


"Settings Center"

under the

"Web / HTML / PDFs"

category, there is a subcategory labeled




there is a setting labeled

"Indicate Element Attribute"

Unchecking this setting will stop Jaws from saying




From: [] On Behalf Of Johnson, Janice (MMB)
Sent: September 27, 2016 11:53 AM
Subject: JAWS reader question


I am using a JAWS reader to review documents posted on our agency website. When using the JAWS reader, it reads the word clickable frequently and sporadically throughout the document. Why is this happening and if should not be doing this, how do I change this?


I am looking for a resource to be able to troubleshoot when I run into issues like this one.


I hope you will be able to help.


Thank you,



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