Re: Making Font and size all the same in a document.


Thanks to Tim, Ed, et al for all your instructions.  I will be working on this.


Actually, I prefer to use “no style” when creating documents.  That way, I can ensure that it is always up to me as to how a document looks.  Clearly, this has not worked.  So, how do I set MS Word so that every document that I creat, open, and/or paste something into, will “always” be in the “plainest”/cleanest format? 


Generally, I Tend to make formatting changes to my documents, if they are “official” at all, only after I have completed the text.  I do not allow automatic “numbering”, “bulleting”, etc, to take place while I am typing.  In short, I want control.  I find that a much easier way to know “exactly” what is on my screen.


So, now, I am discovering that I have not had the kind of control I really prefer.  That explains why I get so many “corrections” from those to whom I send “drafts” of important stuff!


After I follow the steps proposed, I will let you know how I make out; but, it will not happen today - too busy.


Thanks again.


Jim H



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