Re: General issues with JAWS, is it just me?

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I am using the latest version of Internet Explorer, v11 I believe. And, also, sometimes when I am tabbing through links, the JAWS gets stuck in a spot on the screen and it seems like the page only consists of this link unless I do those same moves like close and reopen JAWS or sometimes refresh the page. Since restarting JAWS fixes the problem most of the time that is what I do, sometimes JAWS restarts on its own and it fixes the problem as well. I keep thinking that there is something I could be setting differently or maybe I don't have something running in IE11 that should be there.BTW, it is not limited to just one web site. I first noticed this type of behavior when I would open a "pdf" file on the internet and somehow I figured out that tabbing away and back to the screen with the file on it would take it from a seemingly empty file to a readible one.

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are you useing firefox? if yes the problem which you are explaneing is
rite it hapends firefox and jaws with some web sites use chrom if you
think that is a big problem but firefox is better chrom has more
problems thanks if this is helpfull plees respond to my answer thanks
ones agane.

On 9/27/16, Robert Logue <> wrote:
I have the same issue. I'm using the Jaws beta. and latest Firefox.
Quite frustrating. Sometimes the Jawsvirtual cursor is off and won't
turn on either.


On 9/22/2016 4:00 PM, jeff armstrong wrote:
Hello; When I am on a web page, in this case, my cable providers
billing page, if I need to “alt-tab” away from the page when I
“alt-tab back to it it seems blank. If I refresh the page it
sometimes solves this or sometimes I close and restart Jaws 17 and I
am in windows 10. Any ideas?
Jeff Armstrong

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