Re: Making Font and size all the same in a document.

Marilyn Bland <tinkerbelltx@...>

Hello Tim,

Your steps are so clear and I had no trouble following them.

Thank you so much.


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Subject: Making Font and size all the same in a document.

Hi Marilyn,

I had a couple of minor errors in my first note, so here is the corrected
one, just delete the first one.

Here are the steps:

1. Press control and the letter a to select all text.

2. Press control and the letter d, which will bring up what you want, the
font menu.

3. In the first box, arrow up or down to select the font. This box has
first letter navigation, so if you want, for example, Times New Roman, press
t and you will be at the beginning of the list that starts with t.

4. Tab once to the font type, and use the arrow keys to select what you
want, probably "regular", which is the first choice when you pres the down

5. Press tab again, and you are in the size box. Use the up and down arrow
keys to select the size.

6. Press enter, since the OK button is the default. You will be back in
your document, and all should be well.

Tim Ford

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Subject: RE Font and size

Hello all,

I've been away and now that I'm back I cannot for the life of me remember
how to make my document all the same font and size.

Please help - step by step. Nothing's going right.

Much appreciated.

Dr. Marilyn Bland

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