Re: Problems With Searching For A Lost File On The Computer

Gudrun Brunot

Maybe this has been answered already, but

Control-escape will land you in a search box.

Type in your file name, and, without even hitting enter, you can start
arrowing down, and your file, if it exists, will be listed. Hit the
applications key and arrow up or down till you see "open file location," and
you will be able to move your file, if you like, to a more logical directory
for finding it again.


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Subject: Problems With Searching For A Lost File On The Computer

Hello, everyone.

I am having a problem when trying to search for a lost file on my computer.

What I used to do was to go to my computer, and then the drive I thought the
file was saved in. I'd then hit control F, and the search would proceed.

I'd be notified when the search was completed, and I could then tab to get
the results, usually telling me where the lost file was located.

I can't seem to get this to work any longer.

I'm using Jaws 17 on a Windows 7 laptop here.

Dr. Tom Behler from Michigan

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