This is in response to Digest #445, message: 3A, "Key Announcement and JAWS 17".


This is in response to Digest #445, message: 3A, “Key Announcement and JAWS 17”.


Since I cannot seem to reply to messages using the “reply to message” links, that come in the “digests”, I will send this information this way. 


This problem has unintendedly highlighted one of the problems with FS not retaining the “merge” function in JAWS 17.  If it did, you would not now be hearing all that.  I suspect that this function is back in V: 18 precisely because FS got a lot of flack for that oversight.  However, upgrading to JAWS 18 will not solve your problem.  It simply will retain, or “merge” your JAWS 17 settings into JAWS 18.


Being able to restrict what I “must” listen to with JAWS makes reading/listening for important stuff much easier, and I understand your frustration.  You had the right idea by going to JAWS settings; but, the “speak all” item does not refer to what you want to do.  First, I would ensure that “typing echo” is “checked”, in the default “Setting Center”, in ”user”.  I could not find this specific item; but, if you can find where it says something like “typing interupt”, and check this as well, it might help.  Then, I would suggest looking at Keyboard Manager, under the JAWS “utilities”.  The steps would be as follows:


1. Go to JAWS, and open the menu by pressing the ALT key.


2. Right arrow once to “Utilities”.


3. Down arrow 6 times to “Keyboard Manager” and press enter - you will be in a list of applications, on the “default” selection, which is where you probably want to be.


4. Tab once to the list of keyboard commands


5. Down arrow until you hear “ControlBackspace”; this will be “equal” to some specific key combination.


6. Press ALT-A, for “actions”.


7. Press R, for “remove”, and press enter to confirm that you want to modify this file.  This item will now read “ControlBackspace=None.


8. After this item, there are a series of “Control***” similar commands.  Use steps 6 and 7 for each of these so that they read “Control***=None”.


9. If desired, do the same with other items on this list, e.g. “delete”, “end”, “enter”, “home”, “tab”, etc.


For myself in fact, when I get a new version of JAWS, I go through this entire list, and “turn off”, as in the above, anything that I would not use.  In doing so, I learn a lot about what can be done with the various keystroke combinations.  I also change many of these combinations to suit my style and needs.  However, one must be careful to avoid using a combination that conflicts with something that has been assigned to a different function.  In such cases, you can decide to “not” make the change, use a different combination, or change the combination with which your new/changed entry conflicts.  You will be notified if you try to change something to a combination that does conflict, and you can follow the prompts from there.


Hope this helps.


Jim H



3a. Key Announcement and JAWS 17

   From: Marquette, Ed <Ed.Marquette@...>

   Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2016 00:43:53 PDT


Dear fellow listers:

I have been less than impressed with JAWS 17 and almost daily revert to JAWS 16.

One thing that continues to annoy me is the key announcement problem.  I have checked this at least 5 times, and finally I'm reaching out to see if someone has any ideas.

Each time I press an access key, such as control, alt, windows, or shift or any combination of the above, I hear the keys announced.

I don't mind except when I'm highlighting text.  Then, the announcement of the keys talks over the announcement of the text being highlighted.

I thought this functionality was controlled by going to the JAWS menu, choosing options, further choosing basics, and tabbing over to key announcement.

I go to the "off" radio button.  The "off" is definitely checked or activated.

IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE.  I'm ready to scrap JAWS 17 entirely and hope for something better in JAWS 18.


I am looking forward to the resurrection of the merge utility, albeit under a different name.

Isn't it funny how what is essentially a bug fix gets promoted as a feature enhancement?





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