Re: Is there a openbook like program that will scan for us.

Mike Ulrich <mulrich@...>

Hi Carliss,

I don’t know of any free OCR’s such as the $900.00 Open Book program.

But I do know that you can buy a program like DocuScan by SaroTech; for about $300.00. It is cloud based so it can be used on any of your devices. I’ve heard it works fairly well.

Other than that; if you have an IPhone, there are many free OCR apps. But the one that most of the blind go with; is the  $99.00 KNFB Reader; OCR app.


I don’t know if this answers your question, but I hope it helps.



Thanks and be safe!......Mike


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Subject: Is there a openbook like program that will scan for us.


Hello Listers,

I’m not able to buy Openbook9 at this time, I meed to let the funs catch up , but I really need a program that can scan for us.

Now, I never heard of one, but that doesn’t mean anything; there’s a lot of things I never heard of.

Thanks to all.




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