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Maybe god took it

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Subject: need help for a friend please

Hi, can anyone please tell me what my friend can do to help get her
document back, here is what she wrote me:
thanks if any light can be shed upon this:

she wrote:


During this year 2011, since January the 1st; I have felt led to
compile some promises that God had spoken to me in His Word each day.
Sometimes, I would just type prayers, or Scripture with me writing
comments after them.

I should have called this document "A JOURNEY WITH GOD instead of
"GOD'S PROMISES TO ME." Actually, the document has just been called
God.dox. I am not sure why Window's didn't grab all that title, but it
did not.

Anyway, I had just finished typing this morning, what I felt God was
speaking and was trying to save it with "control key and the letter s."
However, I accidentally pushed, I believe the alt key along with the
letter A. No big deal, it just simply took me back up to page 1; at
least that's what it read. So, I simply pushed the "Control S" to save
and then closed the document with "alt F-4." However, just this
afternoon, when I opened the document, it is totally blank. I cannot
seem to find the 161 pages of document!! Do you know what might have
happened to it?? I just feel bad about this. Please let me know your

God Bless,

'Real tears are not those that fall from your eyes and cover your face,
but that fall from your heart and cover your soul.'
~Be Blessed, Sugar

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