Re: [Bulk] Windows Live Messenger list of issues

Graham Smith <g.smith577@...>

windows 7 64 bit, wlmessinger 15 and jaws 12 and 13


I have found jaws 13 to be much better with wlm 15 than 12 but there are a lot of issues when trying to add a contact, seeing whether you have invited and accepting invitations etc. I have never been able to delete a contact using the delete contact option from the menu bar, same wiht the edit contact in this same menu, you will see if you try. Must admit getting confused with j12 and 13 now.

For me in jaws 12 everything is spoken twice when I receive or send a message but all works fine in 13.

So for me it is the problem of adding and accepting contacts, no information at all on screen, the new ocr function helps a very little in some of these areas.



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Before I take up this issue because I'm sure JAWS 13 will likely fix some of
the issues but I am not so sure about prior JAWS versions. I will script WLM
but it would be helpful to have a list of issues before I tackle it. So
please post all issues so I can get started.

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