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Lauren Snyder

I am glad to know I am not the only one suffering. I have been working with the Accessibility team at Microsoft for 2 weeks & Outlook still doesn't work. Would it be better to use my Outlook 2010?


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Hi Lauren,

Usually you would just go to your Outlook 2016 shortcut, right click or use F10 and then find "Run as Administrator" in the context menu.

It's interesting you are having this issue because I recently experienced the same problem on a desktop I have with Windows 10 and Outlook 2016. A few months back I realized that my main account wasn't updating any more and it said it was "Disconnected" even though my business exchange account worked fine. I called Microsoft Accessibility and the lady there said there was a known issue and the work-around was to run Outlook as administrator. This seemed to work for me for a while except a few days ago I suddenly realized another email account I have and which use for the Viphone mailing list was receiving emails, but anything I tried to send was just stuck in the Outbox folder.
I called back Microsoft Accessibility since I was also not able to get into the account settings for any of my accounts even when I ran Outlook with administrator rights.
The guy who helped me said there were some updates downloading, he tried a few things and in the end said it asked for my computer to restart. I did this and then my computer just showed a blank screen with some spinning thing, we left it for about 15 minutes since he said maybe it is configuring updates, but then he though I should try a hard reset so I turned the computer off and when I turned it back on the same thing happened. I let it sit there, went to work and when I came back in the evening my wife said it was still the same which means that PC is officially toast and I will have to see if I can get to where I can reset Windows or if not I'll have to install from scratch.
I had the same problem on a laptop about 2 months ago, everything worked fine before I went to bed and in the morning it was the same thing. I think there were updates over night and something must have gone wrong. In this case one of my employees who is sighted said they could get to options like restore, reset and so on. We tried twice to restore to a restore point from 2 days earlier, the process completed, but when the laptop booted up after the restore finished it simply went back to the blank screen with the spinning thing.
I eventually selected to reset it which then worked and Windows came back up, of course all applications had been deleted.
I reinstalled Office 2016 from my Office 365 Home Premium subscription and when I tried to set up my email accounts I couldn't do so. I kept getting the following message after I put in my email address and password:

There was an error locating one of the items needed to complete this operation. It might have been deleted.

The only choice was an "OK" button.
I tried this both with my exchange email from my Office 365 Small Business subscription and my personal email which of course is Exchange Active Sync.
I then called Office support and the tech tried some stuff, made me download a repair tool which was supposed to fix any issues and nothing worked. He then said I needed to uninstall Office and referred me to Office 365 activation support, we uninstalled and reinstalled from my Office 365 Small Business account because apparently even though the same programs are being installed they are different.
The short of it is that no matter what they tried, they could not configure my email accounts and this is now being escalated and referred back to the Outlook team.

In the meantime I logged into my Office 365 business portal and installed the Office suite on a desktop at my business which still has Windows 7 Professional on it. After it finished I ran Outlook, it asked if I wanted to connect to an email account and I said yes, I entered my business email address and password and after about 10 seconds I got the "Finish" button and all worked perfectly. I then added my personal email with similar ease and both email addresses are sending and receiving, I can go into the Account Settings and there is no need to run as administrator or anything.

I think there is something terribly wrong with Windows 10 and Outlook 2016 and I have a feeling that this was introduced with the anniversary upgrade. I am going to spend a bit of time tonight or tomorrow and Google this since I can't see that I am the only person effected.


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I am running windows 10 with John 17 and have outlook 2016. I can't seem to change account settings in Outlook 2016 and was able to once when the tech changed it to run as administrator. How do I get outlook to run as administrator again? I tried right clicking on it, but do not see a choice to run as administrator. Please advise, thanks.


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