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Hi Amir,
Here you go:
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sorry for asking this here but, where can I get the other jaws mailing
list address to subscribe?

On 10/09/2016, Jason White via <jason@...> wrote:
> Marquette, Ed <Ed.Marquette@...> wrote:
>>  I’m anxious to see if track changes have been fixed.  For some reason,
>> Freedom Scientific screws this up from time to time.
> Under Microsoft Word 2016, it's indicating where the changes are and always
> presenting the text as it currently is (i.e., the current version).
> I haven't found a way to read what was inserted/deleted.
> Frankly, no screen reader handles change tracking in word processors very
> well, so far as I am aware.
> I also experienced a bug several times recently (running JAWS 17 and
> MS-Word
> 2016) whereby inserting a comment into a document was enough to cause both
> MS-Word and JAWS to become unresponsive, requiring Word to be restarted.
> I inserted a comment into an MS-Word file yesterday using JAWS 18 beta and
> didn't experience the bug, but it wasn't happening every time under JAWS
> 17,
> so it isn't clear yet whether it has been fixed.
> Usually, I write my documents in a text editor (not a word processor), in a
> format such as LaTeX or Markdown, then convert them to PDF, HTML, MS-Word
> format or whatever is needed. Pandoc is a very useful tool that I've been
> relying on extensively of late.
> I also use Git to track changes - it's much more powerful than a word
> processor, as it's used extensively to manage large software projects and
> even
> books. The "--word-diff" option can show you, word-by-word, what has been
> inserted or deleted, as in
> This text contains {+inserted words+} and {-some words here have been-}
> deleted.

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