Re: Clicking On Links


Has popup usually means that another selection of choices pops up when you activate the link. You might want to try Control+Jaws Key+Enter. If you do this and it is a mouseover or popup Jaws may ay something like "Change at line #19. If so use the "j" quick key and type in 19 to jump directly to line 19, then arrow down and you should find these options.



From: [] On Behalf Of Kevin Hourigan
Sent: Friday, September 16, 2016 9:16 AM
Subject: Clicking On Links


Hello All,

I am on the vocalizer download page, and when I press enter on a link to listen or download all I get is a little click, and go nowhere; is there another keystroke I should be using, please?

Also what does it mean when it says “has pop up?” please?

Cheers Kevin.

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