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Works for me, Windows 10 with Anniversary upgrade and Jaws 17. I just press the Windows key and type "Autoplay" in the search field, Jaws reads "Autoplay Settings, system settings" to indicate that this is a system setting and pressing enter will open it.
If this still doesn't work you can find it under Settings > Devices, use Windows+I to open Settings, arrow right to "Devices", press enter, tab once to get into the list of available options for the "Devices" area and then Autoplay is item 5 of 6, the entire list is:

Printers and Scanners
Connected Devices
Mouse and Touchpad


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Did that but it didn't work.
I finally got it working so I'm not sure what went wrong the first few times.


On 9/15/2016 7:12 PM, Soronel Haetir wrote:
type "autoplay" into the start menu search box and hit enter when
autoplay settings pops up.

On 9/15/16, Robert Logue <bobcat11@...> wrote:
How do I get to autoplay settings in Windows 10? This is not the
anniversery edition.

I'm trying to use Dropbox photo backup from my iPhone. I hear the
notification from autoplay when I plug in the device. But, I can't
click on it. I thought you could just left click whith Jaws when you
hear a notification. But, that doesn't bring up the option.

Can not find autoplay in settings either.

So, I can't do the Dropbox backup till I can get to that setting.



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