Re: Paragraphs read twice with JFW 13 and Outlook 2007


Just gave it a shot with your E-Mail message, using the released version of
JAWS 13 and it does not repeat any paragraphs. Then I went to Outlook 2007
and tested both an html message and a plain text message -- same result: no
problems here.

Using Windows 7 32-bit. What Operating system are you using?

Suggest you look at your display settings to see if your screen resolution
is off. Also check whether your application is maximized or restored.

Dave Carlson
Sent from my Dell Latitude E6520 using Windows 7, San Francisco Bay Area

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Sent: Tuesday, October 25, 2011 06:33
Subject: Paragraphs read twice with JFW 13 and Outlook 2007

I'm using JFW 13 with Outlook 2007. Jaws reads a paragraph twice (repeats
the paragraph) when I use the control+up arrow or control+down arrow to read
paragraphs. This has been the case for the last couple beta versions of JFW
13 and with the final version. I submitted bug reports during the beta
testing but received no response. Is there something I can adjust for this
not to happen?


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