What am I doing wrong regarding computers and Bluetooth settings?

Jim Portillo

Hi there,


Hi there,


I’m hoping someone can help direct me with something I might be doing wrong regarding computers and Bluetooth devices.

I’m trying to remove two Bluetooth devices from my computer.  I can pair them with no problem, but for some reason, removing them is a different story. I’ll tell you what I’m doing.

I am using Windows 10 and JAWS. 

From the start menu, I find and go to Bluetooth settings.

Bluetooth is turned on, so there’s no problem there. 

I tab to where I find a list of the Bluetooth devices associated with my computer, arrow down to what I want, and select it by hitting enter.

It lets me know it’s been selected, and I tab once to find the Remove device button.  I hit enter on it, and immediately, I get something that says Flyout Window, and I read nothing else on the screen.

I alt-tab back to the Bluetooth settings, look at my list again, and find that the item I tried removing is still there.

I did try rebooting my computer, and everything is the same.


What is a Flyout window?  And, why won’t the Enter or spacebar work when I use them on the Remove device button?  It’s frustrating.


If anyone has any good tips, please let me know.



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