Problem with Outlook view in Office 365

Diana Brent <dlbrent@...>

Sorry if this topic is somewhere in the archive, I looked but couldn’t find anything.


Outlook was working fine on my Surface in Windows 8, Classic Shell, Office 365 with JAWS 17 until recently. I had a list of all of my mailboxes which I could access by pressing Enter, Once in the box, I could tab once, then move up and down through the message list, and press Enter on any message I wanted to open. Not sure what I have done but now I see no mailboxes, I have a list of messages from my default inbox, which I can open, but I can’t get to any other boxes. My husband can see my list of boxes in the left pane, but I am stuck in the right one and there is a tab that says all mailboxes and a search box, and my list of messages. I have tried to play around with Views but have only made things worse, and can’t seem to find anything in the JAWS Help files that changes things. I am suspecting that things changed after an update, but can’t confirm.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.


Diana Brent

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