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Not sure about Word 2013, but I just typed a sentence with the number 17 in it in Word 2016 and I am using Jaws 17 and it read it as "1" and "7" when I went over it character by character, when I did a say line it read it as "17" and when I did a say word it is the same, no issues here with that. Have you checked with FS tech support?





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Subject: Numbers in JAWS 17


I’ve had numerous problems with JAWS 17, and perhaps I should repair or install again, but that is so much trouble, given our firm’s data security paranoia, I may wait until JAWS 18.

Perhaps, however, JAWS 17 can be salvaged (JAWS 16 crashes Outlook 2013 routinely when an up-arrow or down-arrow hits the end of a message).

Here is what’s driving me nuts.

Whenever, navigating the cursor by character, I encounter a number, JAWS says the number, but then follows it with a 4 digit number that has no relevance that I can figure out.

For instance the number 17 should sound like seventeen or one seven, if navigated by character.


In MS Word 2013, however, 17 comes out like 1 7465 followed by 7 7465.

For the life of me, I cannot figure out where the 7465 is coming from.  Any ideas?

I’ve never seen this before.


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