Re: jaws 18 release?


Hi Ken,


You may want to listen to Jonathan's most recent FS Cast where he is talking to Eric Demry from Freedom Scientific about what is new in Jaws 18. Also, another Podcast you would want to check out is one on Blind Cool Tech where I think it was James Oats demonstrates Windows 10 Anniversary update and the Edge browser with Windows Narrator. Narrator is becoming a more mature screenreader and apparently you can use Edge with it with some efficiency although I haven't tried it yet. According to the Podcast NVDA is going to release an update in October which works quite well with Edge but Jaws is still having problems getting it to work and it is my understanding that this is not a major new feature in Jaws 18. In fact, Jaws 18 is probably one of the least impressive updates in my view so far. As far as running the beta I would definitely encourage you to try it because I find Jaws betas by the time they become betas usually work pretty well and the nice thing is that you are not limited to Jaws 18 Beta. If you are running Jaws 17 or 16 you can install the beta without ill effect and if you find something doesn't work as expected you can simply unload the Beta with Insert+F4 and use whatever hot key you may setup to load your previous version of Jaws. It's not like running the beta of an operating system where it's all or nothing.






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Subject: jaws 18 release?


Hi list, a question.  looking on the FS website I saw that the public beta of jaws 18 is available.  I usually don’t download a beta version, does anyone on list know when the final version of 18 is coming out?  also for anyone who has downloaded that beta, how well does it work with the edge browser and the windows 10 mail app and groove music? 

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