Re: Jaws and Anti-Virus. My WINDOWS 10 solution

Peter Tesar

Thanks Brian,

When I used the Add Remove list, the Application key did nothing with the Mcafee item.

However, when I used the Program Features list, the Application key gave me the menu, I pressed "u". I definitely had a Mcafee uninstall window. But, there was graphics and JAWS could not find the uninstall button. I had sighted assistance to select it.

It looks like the uninstall worked. I'll know what to do if it appears again.

Peter T.

On 2016-09-11 2:32 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:


McAfee Security Scan Plus often gets installed as part of a bundle with free software.  This is why I strongly recommend Unchecky to all of my clients and those who are blind or visually-impaired in particular.

McAfee Security Scan Plus should definitely show up in the programs list of "Programs and Features" under Control Panel and allow uninstallation from there.

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