Re: Jaws and Anti-Virus


Microsoft Security Essentials is a perfectly serviceable antivirus, antimalware (to an extent - I also use Malwarebytes as an additional sweeper a couple of times per year), and malicious software scanning tool that offers realtime protection.  

Contrary to all the "it isn't as good as product X" claims it's still good, and it's accessible and free.  If you have a history of many infections and quarantines using other products then you really need to take a close look at your browsing and downloading practices, as these should be occurring very, very rarely, if at all, if you exercise the most basic reasonable cautions in your travels through cyberspace.

It can be downloaded from this webpage at Microsoft.  Windows 7 is the final Windows release where Microsoft Security Essentials is their antivirus product.  For Windows 8 and beyond Windows Defender had the functions of Microsoft Security Essentials rolled into it, and is what you could use instead.  If you do not have an alternative third-party antivirus program or security suite installed under Windows 8 or Windows 10 then Windows Defender should have been up and running from the first moment you fired up your machine and should still be there doing its job.

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