Re: Download Links & What's New In Public Beta Jaws 18

Jason White

Marquette, Ed <> wrote:
I’m anxious to see if track changes have been fixed. For some reason, Freedom Scientific screws this up from time to time.

Under Microsoft Word 2016, it's indicating where the changes are and always
presenting the text as it currently is (i.e., the current version).

I haven't found a way to read what was inserted/deleted.

Frankly, no screen reader handles change tracking in word processors very
well, so far as I am aware.

I also experienced a bug several times recently (running JAWS 17 and MS-Word
2016) whereby inserting a comment into a document was enough to cause both
MS-Word and JAWS to become unresponsive, requiring Word to be restarted.

I inserted a comment into an MS-Word file yesterday using JAWS 18 beta and
didn't experience the bug, but it wasn't happening every time under JAWS 17,
so it isn't clear yet whether it has been fixed.

Usually, I write my documents in a text editor (not a word processor), in a
format such as LaTeX or Markdown, then convert them to PDF, HTML, MS-Word
format or whatever is needed. Pandoc is a very useful tool that I've been
relying on extensively of late.

I also use Git to track changes - it's much more powerful than a word
processor, as it's used extensively to manage large software projects and even
books. The "--word-diff" option can show you, word-by-word, what has been
inserted or deleted, as in

This text contains {+inserted words+} and {-some words here have been-} deleted.

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