Re: Jaws and Anti-Virus


I know that Norton was a pain in the butt especially with System Access, and
that it someone seems to get into all kinds of programs, and I ended up
getting rid of it which also was not particularly easy as I remember but
that was awhile ago.

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Sent: Monday, September 05, 2016 2:27 PM
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Along these lines, does anyone know if there are any conflicts with Symantec
Antivirus and JAWS? It seems that I remember issues with this, but that was
several years ago and I don't know if this is still the case.


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I’m using windows 7 with it. I just cannot figure out how to do anything
with it.
What are the rest of you using?

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If you value your life stay away from avast!! And you’ll have a devil of a
time uninstalling it if you have it on your computer!!

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Subject: Re: Jaws and Anti-Virus

Good morning list; first Sharon, avast does not work with jaws because of
some sort of conflict. Running jaws 17 and windows ten. Rumor has it that
microsoft security essentials works fairly well with jaws. So, I would
uninstall avast before it screws up jaws or some other thing. I hope this
helps. On 09/05/16 Sharon wrote;

From: Sharon<>
Sent: Monday, September 5, 2016 7:07 AM
Subject: Jaws and Anti-Virus

What are people using with Windows 7? Is any antivirus program at all
accessible with Jaws or any screen program for that matter?
I got rid of AVG because it was not playing nicely with System Access.
Now I have Avast installed, but cannot seem to choose any actions like fix
automatically. It does not seem to be at all accessible. Thoughts?


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