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Interesting. I use a MS Natural keyboard, which splits the right and left
hand groups with a slight tilt and spread -- very comfortable. However the
Kinesis seems to be an even more radical separation with a strong tilt.

I recall an admin years ago showing me her Kinesis and I was really
impressed. Her Kinesis had a very triangular shape to it, and you
manipulated it with your hands on each side, fingering the buttons almost
with your palms facing each other. Of course many of the buttons have to be
duplicated on each side to allow for reaching and I can see now that many of
the JAWS multiple-key combinations would require I use my toes to help.
After seeing her Kinesis I was never quite the same. I've never seen
another Kinesis like that one, so I guess they are pretty rare.

I saw on Amazon that you can get some variant of a Kinesis for anywhere
from $31 to $300, and one Kinesis even had a foot switch. I recall that her
Kinesis also had a foot switch, but I didn't investigate it.

Dave Carlson
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I found this in Jaws Help:
"For those of you who are using any of the Kinesis keyboards,
select kinesis as this implements the features of these keyboards."
So, then I searched Wikipedia for Kinesis Keyboards and found:


At 01:37 PM 10/24/2011, you wrote:

Dear Friends,

In JAWS keyboard settings, we have three options - Desktop, Laptop
& Kinesis. While the first two keyboard settings are
self-explanatory, the Kinesis setting is not.

Kindly inform me as to when the Kinesis keyboard setting in JAWS
would be used. Also, is there any list of keystrokes for this
keyboard setting?

Thanking you all in advance for any & all assistance.

Mr. Sameer Latey
Mumbai, India
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