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Hello there;
I think your speaking of "balloon messages",
In windows 10,
Start-menu button,
In the edit box type ease of access,
Most likely ease will be good enough,
Now enter on,
Ease of access control panel,

Now use the tab key and look for,
Get recommendations to make your computer easier to use link, press enter,

there's a few options/screens,
just tab next, press enter,
continue until done button,
now tab you will see,
How long should Windows notification dialog boxes stay open?
Make your choice with arrow keys,
Tab okay press enter.

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Sorry if "information balloon" is not the proper term, but I'm referring to
messages that pop up on the screen, that are displayed long enough for JAWS
to read them, and that then disappear. Usually, there is a "click here for
more information" line. In the present case, this information balloon is
displayed by a Web application in Internet Explorer. I would like to freeze
the message and actually click on the "For more information" button or
whatever the control is. Of course, it vanishes before I have time.

I swear I've searched through JAWS Help in every way I can think of. I must
have the wrong title or name for the thing I've tried to describe above.

Thanks for any help you can render!


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