Re: printing in Outlook 2016

Stan Holdeman

Thanks. I got this to work, but I need to play with it a bit to understand
just when the print button has focus.


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Stan Holdeman <sholdeman@...> wrote:
Hi: With W10, Outlook 2016 and jaws 17, I am having trouble printing
an email message. When I hit control P I get the dialogue but I can't
seem to get jaws to land me on the print button.
I just tested this for you, and found that the print button is next to the
"print tab" control, which is part of the back stage view. There's a fairly
long explanation which says that the print button will send the item to the
default printer without maing any changes. There is also a spoken
announcement before it reads the print button: "Specify how you want the
item to be printed and then click print". At this point, your focus is
actually on the Print button already. This is shown clearly in the braille
output, but the speech could be confusing if you don't wait for it to

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