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Debbie Kessler

This is an area that Rehab should have looked into a long time ago; funding
for small businesses to get their proprietary programs scripted. A lot of
money has been spent through schools to have people trained only to have
much unaccessible because of specialty programs.
Debbie, Chaz & Jessie

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Ok, so with most of the Office applications scripted for, not to
mention iTunes, and the various parts of Windows, what else would
the masses of unemployed blind folks with limitted incomes like
access to?
With the basics that most people want to use daily covered, we're
probably going to move into more specialized applications that not
as many people require. If said application is something that some
of us who work or are trying to find work need access to, maybe we
should donate a little cash to John for his hard work and probably
hundreds of hours spent scripting. Just a thought. Of course, any
donations would be voluntary.

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