Re: Which version of office is best with Jaws?

Maria Kristic

As I said, the desktop versions of Office programs you get with an Office
365 subscription are the same ones you would get with the Office Pro
standalone suite. RE the Office online Web interface component of the Office
365 subscription, I have not used it recently, but when I did a few months
back for some basic task that I can't remember now, I could certainly use
it. I know Microsoft are working on improvements to Office Online as has
been mentioned on this thread. Here's a Freedom Scientific webinar about
Office Online from November of last year:
tail/F0117 I have so far used only the Word app on iOS for some rudimentary
document creation (the most advanced thing I did was use the auto-numbering
feature, though VoiceOver did not read the automatic number insertions), and
I was able to create my short document and save it to OneDrive. OneDrive is
accessed on Windows from Windows Explorer, and the OneDrive app works fine
on iOS.


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Hi: A couple months ago I posted a question about office 365 being
accessible with jaws and was told it is not. Has that changed?

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