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When jaws 18 beta will out?


From: [] On Behalf Of Jim Portillo
Sent: Tuesday, 30 August, 2016 4:39 AM
Subject: Question about upgrading




I would like to upgrade to the Windows 10 anniversary edition.  I’m currently using the latest version of JAWS 17 and last year’s Windows 10.

I thought I read somewhere that there was something wrong with downloading the anniversary edition update because it didn’t like the accessibility drivers.  Is this correct?

So, what is the best way to upgrade? 

So far, I’ve gone to Settings, and then to “Check for update.”  It tells me that my system is up to date, but I guess that’s from the current Windows 10 and not the newer one.

I know I can tab to “Learn More” and download it that way, but is this the way that people advise against?

If this has already been discussed, then someone can write me off list with specific instructions.

Thanks much as always.





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