Re: Which version of office is best with Jawss?

Maria Kristic

Hi Keith,

Hmmm, I suppose that's a possibility as with any mainstream software, but it
hasn't happened in the year or so that I've had Office 365. I actually want
to say that something, though I can't remember what, improved
accessibility-wise with an update, so it can of course go the other way,
too! From what I've seen and read from them, it seems that Microsoft has
really increased its commitment to accessibility recently (the Office focus
group sessions at the US blindness consumer conventions, the partnerships
and dialogue with the US blindness consumer groups, the Disability Answer
Desk, and so on), so I personally feel pretty confident in installing
updates and assuming things will continue to work as they should.

Hope it helps!


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Thanks for this.

Do the upgrades ever break accessibility?

Thanks, Keith

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Office 365 includes all the desktop versions of the Office programs; I am
guessing the Home edition you mention does not include the desktop version
of all seven Office programs as Office 365 does. The subscription means that
your Office programs will always be updated with new features as they are
added, whereas the standalone suites like the Home you mention are more
static to the time they were released and thus don't get updates other than
perhaps security fixes. With Office 365, you also get OneDrive space (1TB if
you buy the Personal subscription, 5TB for the Home subscription). With 365,
you can use the Office apps for iOS and Android. You also get a certain
number of Skype minutes (one hour per user per month if memory serves) for
calling landlines and mobile numbers. The Home subscription gives you the
ability to install Office on up to five computers, five tablets, and five
phones (the Personal subscription is one computer, one tablet, one phone).
The standalone suites are a perpetual license, whereas 365 requires you to
maintain a subscription for full functionality. Whether you go for a
standalone suite or 365, you will be using the same desktop programs, so
there is no difference with that in terms of accessibility. Of course, with
Office 365, you also have access to Office Online.


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Which version of Office works best with Joss: the home edition 2016 or the
office 365 subscription? How does that subscription different from the
original kind?


Lauren Snyder, Ph.D.
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