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Maria Kristic

Make sure the iTunes sidebar is visible by going to the View menu and arrowing through it; if you find an option called “Hide Sidebar”, just ESC out of the menu, as the sidebar is already visible, but if the option says “Show Sidebar”, then press ENTER to select the option. Now navigate to that sidebar; two or so presses of SHIFT+F6 should do it. You will maybe just hear the word “Albums”, or you might hear “Playlist tree view, Albums, Change Views”. You want to change this to “Songs”, so press ALT+DOWN ARROW to open the list view, arrow to “Songs”, and press ENTER. A song might start playing, so hit SPACE to pause it. With the sidebar option changed, if you now press F6 a couple of times to get back to your list of tracks, you should now see a list that works properly. Note that this sidebar option is independent for all media types. So, for instance, if you want to see your TV episodes all in a list, you would do the same as above, but the sidebar would contain options related to TV shows, and you would select Episodes.






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hi all


i have jaws 17 and  am trying to get it to  work with I tunes, now as far as I can tell jaws will read every thing in I tunes  apart from where my albums are stored, there jaws will read nothing at all, I got to where jaws says album table and curser around but  nothing is spoken.

I have updated I tunes but still nothing.


so if any one as any ideas I would be grateful thanks in advance Joe


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