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Maria Kristic

You can use PlaceMarkers in PDFs as you can on Web pages. Check out the JAWS
Help topic on those. CTRL+SHIFT+K launches the PlaceMarker dialog. K and
SHIFT+K jump between PlaceMarkers. When adding a PlaceMarker, be sure to
clear the "Define for all pages on current domain" check box, as this is not
a Web page and so that check box needs to be cleared for the PlaceMarker to
actually get added. The default name of the PlaceMarker is the line on which
it is placed, so that is like your highlight when you are going through the
PlaceMarker list; you can edit the PlaceMarker Name field as you can any
edit area in Windows.

RE PowerPoint, in the View ribbon, in the Show group, TAB to "Notes Page"
and press ENTER to check it. I mention the Show group because, if you're
entirely TABBING through the View ribbon, you first come to the Presentation
Views group in which there is also an option called "Notes Page", but that
is not the one you want to check. Once you've TABBED in to the View ribbon
and are in the Presentation Views group, use CTRL+LEFT and RIGHT ARROWS to
quickly navigate between groups. Once "Notes Page" in the Show group of the
View ribbon is checked, the Notes Page will be in the F6/SHIFT+F6 navigation


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Subject: Bookmark in pdf and ppt

Is there a way to put a bookmark or marker in pdf documents. I have some
pdf documents that are readable with JAWS but they are very long and I want
to bookmark the section or line where I left off so that I can go right to
it next time I access the document. Also I'd like to in a sense "highlight"
lines or words. If multiple bookmarks can be placed in the document then I
can mark those things that I find particularly important so that I can
access just those phrases in the future.

Also I have a question about Powerpoint. I am wondering why pressing F6 does
not ever get me to the notes area in a ppt presentation. I am using office
365 powerpoint and i think i have jaws 16, although it may be even older
than that, I'm not sure.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Anna E Givens

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