Re: numbers and control panel

David Moore

To get JAWS to speak the numbers the way you want, press Insert+6 on the numbers row to open settings center. Make sure that you are in the default account by pressing CTRL+Shift+C. In the edit box of settings center, type the word number. Four suggestions will come up, downarrow to choice three. It will say something like speak full digits five numbers or above. Set this to how many digits you want JAWS to say the digits like 7 digits. Now, you will hear the numbers as you want them. tab to the Okay button and press enter to save the settings in settings center. Now, for the next question, to get the JAWS window out of the way, in the JAWS window, go to the options menuu and press enter on preferences. tab to where it says to run JAWS from the system tray, and press the space bar on that check box. Now, shut down JAWS, and when you restart JAWS, The JAWS window will not be there anymore as you alt+tab, and it should read the numbers the way you want JAWS to read them.
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David Moore

Sent: Sunday, August 28, 2016 2:04 PM
Subject: numbers and control panel
        hi all
I have just updated from jaws 12 to jaws 17, and am now trying to set it up.
so first question   its how do I get jaws to read a number as for example  one million and 1 instead of 1000001 ?
and second how do I get rid of the jaws control panel when I alt tab though my open programs?
thanks in advance for any help Joe 

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